Polish Fat Thursday Cookbook

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There are many kinds of Polish donuts – varying in shape, flavour, or the basic ingredients used to make them.

This Polish Fat Thursday Cookbook includes 12 authentic Polish recipes for the Pączki Day such as donuts, chruściki (angel wing cookies), rosettes and more. This informative cookbook is written by a Polish Foodies to others that love Polish food.

If you love creamy centers filled with white icing then this book will fill your taste buds with all of the tastes of the holidays.

From delightful donuts to well-suited festive carnival rosettes, this cookbook will show you all the tastiest of goodies served as part of Mardi Gras celebrations. The recipes are accompanied by anecdotes and recipes will show you their cultural background and sources of inspiration. The authors introduce you to their kitchen and invite you to a rewarding culinary tour – please come in!

Every foodie loves the pleasure of trying out new flavors and eating dishes from different parts of the world. This cookbook shows how Polish kitchens are reflected in creativity and authenticity and involves us cooks as well. Readers can preview their experiences by looking for what common ingredients, cooking methods, and products are required– as well as to share family experience with traditional ingredients.

Should we choose Fat Thursday or Fat Tuesday?

Did you know that eating cake on Pancake Day is supposed to bring good health?

Why are the Poles so fond of full moons? This actually has an interesting answer; you will find an answer in Benjamin’s book, A Polish Fat Thursday Cookbook.

Awesome food recipes like these:

– Traditional Polish Paczki

– 19th century chocolates from Silesia Melt in the mouth – known as Silesian pączki

– Angel Wings.

– Cottage cheese donuts

…and more!

This cookbook will encourage you to discover recipes to impress your friends, as well as discover new favorite recipes to share with all of your loved ones on Fat Tuesday. All of the recipes included have been tried and tested in order to be sure that everyone will really want to devour them.


Here’s what’s included:

Obtain the book using e-mail to download the PDF file.  We offer it (in paperback) as well. Estimate the shipping is about 2 weeks.

Simple ideas, easy-to-follow instructions, and common mistakes. The recipes can be prepared with little experience, and require a simple ingredients.

This food giant book is the authentic recipe that has been passed on through generations of recipes. It assures the user that all the recipes have been tried, and you are guaranteed that the instructions and proportions are perfectly balanced. This cookbook will give you a taste of authentic food to be enjoyed through centuries.


Bio of the author

The author Karolina Klesta went through seven kitchen cabinets looking for her grandmother’s Polish Cooking. After this long search, she has discovered authentic cooking recipes that they have been enjoying across the generations.


Goal Setting Covering two training palates: illustration and recipes.

It is a quick and easy-to-follow recipe book that is attainable for any home cook, and a low level of practice separates home cooking from professional cooking. The recipes are easily accessible, and the photos feature colorful foods.

In addition, this Polish Fat Thursday Cookbook gives insight into the Polish history and traditions behind the food. It shares common flavors and ingredients we all use for Fat Thursday.

Are you in the mood for the authentic Polish Pączki recipe, which everyone is using as their go-to recipe when it’s time to bake?

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