Polish Foodies Cookbook

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Every foodie is always on the lookout for new food items, especially as it seems like there are more and more foreign cuisines being served in more restaurants around the world. People also like to explore new tastes and over a dessert, maybe even go on vacation. This new cookbook offers an authentic entry into the kitchen of Polish homes and workspaces. Polish chefs explain their recipe development and cultural influences, not to mention their fondness for food

Regardless of whether you enjoy Polish cooking or are looking to try something new, Polish Foodies Cookbook will reveal to you an extensive culinary tour that will stimulate your taste buds.

From comforting breakfasts, delicious and fulfilling kitchen food, and food recipes, you can learn all you will need in Polish cuisine in this hungry and enticing cookbook. And all of that with help from the authors, Karolina and Patryk, who share their love for food, for their family, and for Polish culture and its traditional foods.

Every foodie loves the idea of trying new flavors and eating national dishes from different parts of the world. This cookbook offers an authentic glimpse behind the door of Polish kitchens. The authors, Karolina and Patryk Klesta, welcome you into their personal cookhouse to share not only delicious recipes but also their love for food, the story of their family, and an insight into the Polish culture and tradition.

Learn how to delicately and thoroughly enjoy the delicious flavors of authentic Polish cuisine. Commoning involves diminished composition.


In this illustrated cookbook, you’ll find recipes like:

Five star pork-tender cutlets are classics, from the masters

– Polish steak balls with mushroom gravy.

Be exclusive with a fail-proof polish veal stew.

Zapiekanka, the street food of all the Cracovians.

Organic, traditional, beautiful pierogi ruskie

…many, many more.

This cookbook would be great for any of you out there that are trying to have fun cooking while also pleasing your kids at the same time. It also includes all of the recipes that we tried and tested so they’re pretty safe for the little ones.

This is what’s included:

Recommended for all kitchens, a beautifully-designed book that mixes in-depth explanations of cooking with unforgettable recipes will be a firm favorite in every kitchen.

The book can be accessed at any time. It can be ordered in ebook and hard copy right after purchase.”

Easy-to-follow tips, that will take you from newbie to Polish food master in no time.

Through searching their families’ worn-out copies of emergency favorites, the authors were able to combine all the recipes into a recent classic that has been hosted for hundreds of years. This book is being distributed for free since years, providing the exact match of fresh, delicious foods provided in the traditional style, while enjoying Polish cuisine.

Get your hands on these authentic Polish recipes.

The book and Author.

This book has Polish  recipes inspired by the author and her husband. There are authentic, regional menus that benefit from a richly varied interpretation of Polish culinary traditions.

Much easier and quicker to purchase – the e-book will be downloaded immediately following the purchase. The paperback will arrive by post in less than 10 days.


Recipes are very easy to follow, and any cook can follow them with little practice and patience.

Scenic, festive, and colorful photos with each recipe make the cookbook not only practical but also visually appealing.

An endless catalogue of the most obscure and improbable pastime recipes with nowadays twist. Each recipe is followed by a brief commentary detailing who likes what and where it comes from.

The book, Authentic Polish Cuisine, serves up delicious dishes that will give you a fascinating insight into Polish national cuisine. It shows the country’s culture of sharing and the practice of eating with the table as the central activity around which the day finishes.

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