Polish Romantic Dinner mini-Cookbook

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Plan your romantic dinner


Sprinkle a kiss on your loved one with the most exciting dishes the Polish cuisine has to offer!

Since we all know how a heart is made, we must also realize that food — your favorite — holds the key to romance and affection.

In this mini e-book, Karolina and Patryk show us the most creative ways to surprise your significant other with a mouth-watering dish.

This book provides “authentic Polish dishes”, so you get to try new flavors from that country. The book has also been around for hundreds of years; however, who doesn’t like the idea of trying new foods and traditional dishes from that country? Tipolo: the internet is not recommended for medical issues


Whether for a lover, date, or even just someone you want to speak highly of, this poshly put-together collection of recipes will appeal to your tastes. Enjoy a special dinner night.

Cooking a visually stunning 3-course meal can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Instead of scrolling online for a perfect recipe for tonight, chose to organize the most romantic centers and inspired dinners.

Each of the three tables has a starter as an appetizer (appetizers were listed separately).


Enjoy Set Menu 1 – The original taste of Poland
Meny set 2 – Vegetarian version

Show love and compassion to your partner, family, and animals – meat-free dishes should be easy for those who chose to have a plant-based dinner. Start with a savory set of pierogis, followed by a delicious skillet of golden brown buckwheat pancakes then finish with a sweet little plate of kisiel, jelly-like fruit that’s reminiscent of cobbler.

Menu Set 3 – Polishing Fine Dining You Won’t Forget

This economic, refined, gorgeous menu is sure to delight gourmets with a high taste palate looking to show culinary finesse to their loved one. Appropriately just for these types of foodies, beef tenderloin tender with kopytka, baked apples and potatoes.

The grocery chore has a romantic prelude if you prepare the list first. So that you can spend less time running between the aisles, and more time looking into your partner’s eyes, you’ve pre-planned the menu. The shopping list will help you manage your time in the store and stick to your plan.


Why the “Romantic Dinner mini-Cookbook is a must-have.

The book goes through many dishes, but it will be printed right after you purchase it.

It will be easy to find easy recipes that follow three-course meal plans, saving is for the time in figuring out what fits.

Enjoy colour photos – with every recipe variant – as complete food presentation hacks.

Traditional dishes: This cookbook will give its readers a taste of authentic Polish cuisine enjoyed through centuries, and creatures recognised in most of the world.

Cultural differences: Interesting insight into international etiquette.

The captivating style of language: “language full of love and joy for food.”

Variety – very different recipes ranging from made up dishes, to special tastes and cuisine, which work for those with all kinds of preferences.

Stimulation: Anything below nature to show your love

Delicious meals that are easy to make and are guaranteed to please are guaranteed to win loads of praise.

Romantic pairings: A guide to make deeper moments special, and uncover new kisses and sights. Your love life has been enhanced.

About the author

Karolina and Patryk Kubica are the perfect proof that, without a doubt, love can keep you full. They made this cookbook when travelling around the globe and met some other people who claimed to have visited 61 different countries. So, they came back and tried to prove the richness of Polish cuisine.

Their website and the Facebook group have inspired thousands of hungry cooks to cook meals for others.


What you need to expect:

You can buy right away. The book is sent to you in an electronic form immediately after you pay. Formal version: The site makes it even easier: The user just logs in, forges available credit

The same store will sell both a shopping list and a list of items needed to prepare a recipe or meal.

The cookbook features mouth-watering images, so that even the recipes are pleasing to look at.

Large, straightforward, good-looking, good-tasting, even and easy-to-follow instructions which are achievable even for inexperienced home cooks and are prepared with relatively little practice and patience. The dishes are generally large, good-looking,

If you relate to this section, you may be interested in learning more about traditional Polish cuisine. To know more about traditional Polish foods and cookbooks, you may view Karolina and Patryk’s other cookbooks: “Polish Breakfast Cookbook,” “Polish Christmas Cookbook,” and “The Polish

This book will certainly be helpful for men and women on a date or for a long-term relationship. You only need a love… And a little bit of delicious food to go with it.

Explore the world’’s cuikestiest cuisine – the courses at its finest!


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